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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

The small country of Chile had a major near tragedy when 33 miners were trapped in a mine and have been there for several months.  We came to their aid and have raised millions to help them. As old of a profession as mining is, why don’t we have a better plan for mining to prevent these type of tragedies?  It has taken almost 3 months to dig them out.  Did they not figure that this MAY happen and have a better plan standing by to get these folks out?  Do you think that there is some technology today that we could have used to prevent these types of tragedies from ever happening again?

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5 Responses to “Thursday, October 14th, 2010”

  1. No i do not think that there is some type of technology around today that could help them or stop that type of tragedy.But i think by 2011 they might have special equipment to stop mining accidents.

  2. A giant drill could drill the wall to make a hole to get out. Or dynamite could blow a hole to get out.

  3. we could put poles up why they are in their mining and it would hold up the dirt and when they got done they’d climb the pole and get out they would never get stuck again problem solved.

  4. I think that they should build robots a send the robots in to see if its safe so that if it isin’t safe , the robots would get hurt and not the people.

    P.S- that is all i could think of. 😦

  5. I think that was unormal because they didn’t use techolgy.

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