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Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

There has been a big push lately with movies to make them all 3-D. 3-D movies used to SUCK, but now they have gotten a lot better. As technology progresses, what reasons would actually make you want or not want to see movies in 3-D? Give me FIVE REASONS. (You must write 5 complete sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)

(See some of the latest offerings of 3-D movies, such as Toy Story 3-D, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Step Up 3D and Tron:Legacy in 3D)


5 Responses to “Tuesday, October 12th, 2010”

  1. 1.Tron Legacy looks cool to watch and especially in 3D.
    2.Resident evil in 3D!!! I am defiantly going to watch it.
    3.Toy story 3 is going to be awesome I only watched one and two.
    4.The transformer game looks fun to play.
    5.All the 3D movies are awesome.

  2. I only watch toy story an step up. i liked step up the best. i also watched the one with the woman in the black.

  3. I think most movies are good in 3D. I want to see saw 3D because it looks cool most likely better in 3D. I also think that some movies might suck in 3D like toy story 3 because there is no action.

  4. I like to watch it has a normal movie no 3D.Because i don’t like to wear the glasses.And they give me a headacks.And it gets on my nerves when it come out at me.And i just don’t like 3D.

  5. -One reason why people would not want to watch a movie in 3D is if the movie sucks.
    -One reason why people would want to watch a movie in 3D is if the movie ROCKS like the movie Killers.
    -Another reason why people wouldn’t want to see a movie in 3D is if everyone has aready seen the movie otr the movie is old.
    – The last reason why people wouldn’t watch a movie in 3D is because their TV broke or the y are blind and death.

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