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Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Director Federico Alvarez spent $300 and made a short film which he then posted on YouTube. Famous Hollywood director Sam Raimi (All the Spiderman movies, Drag me to Hell, The Evil Dead Series) saw the clip on YouTube and gave the guy $30 million to turn this clip into a Hollywood movie. Give me your argument for why a movie like “Panic Attack” appeals to Hollywood and why Sam Raimi thinks audiences would like this movie”? (I have included the trailers of the original YouTube clip of “Panic Attack” and another movie that got started from a strong buzz and a short film, “Cloverfield” and Sam Raimi’s last movie, “Drag Me to Hell”)

(You must write 5 complete sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)


5 Responses to “Thursday, October 7th, 2010”

  1. 1 because hollywood is a drama city people would love scary movies in hollywood.
    2 and that he gave him 30 million dollers cuz its a great movie
    3 and he loves scary movies cuz if he didnt he wouldnt buy it duh
    4also he probably bought it cuz people would buy the movie for even more than for what he paid
    5 also he would get more money for people who want to bid

  2. I think people will watch Panic Attach because it has a lot of explosions. And it the giant robots came out of nowhere and stared shooting the building and the people were running away. Another reason people would like the movie is because it is scary and a lot of people like scary movies. I think Sam Raimi would like the movie because it will attract a lot of people because it is exiting.

  3. I think Panic attack looks cool. But the drag me to hell looks very scary.

  4. i like this movie panic attack a lot.i think that because it shows everything people like.scary things,killer monsters,and other things. and plus people love short movies and nobody wants to go to a long movie. so thats what i have to say.

  5. I think panic attack would look cool to watch. Also it would have a lot of graffic features that people would like. But I think movie’s that’s not long but short. I like movies in between that. Also they be interesting. When you watch a short movie it starts off weird. Long movies I don’t know. Soo in between is good.

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