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Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Give me your argument for why a movie like “Paranormal Activity” has been so successful when it appears to use such lo-tech special effects and just mess with your head instead of a movie that shows you ALL of the blood and guts with hi-tech special effects like “Saw 3D (coming out soon)”? (As a special bonus, I have included the trailers of what are being called two of the scariest movies EVER, “Paranormal Activity” and the movie it was based on “The Entity” and the next “Paranormal Activity 2” and the LAST EVER new Saw movie due in theaters Halloween weekend 2010  “SAW 3D”)

(You must write 5 complete sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)


8 Responses to “Tuesday, October 5th, 2010”

  1. 1 because it comes out in a week where it comes out earlier
    2 cuz its scary and it keeps them coming back for more
    3 that its near halloween great time to watch scary movies
    4 and that it is makes it scary cuz its in 3-d
    5 also it has a more kinda is like really scary

  2. I think it because it is based on true story.

  3. i think paranormal activity got more money because it looks real.
    it is in a different theme then others.
    it looks super scary.
    and it was based on a true story.
    and that’s how i thinks it so great.

  4. I think that one of the reasons people want to watch this movie is because the name seems intresting. Also, the movie is based on a true story, so thats even more intresting. Plus, it is in 3d so that is way scary.
    Most people like to watch scary movies not sappy love movies so that must be one of the reasons why people like that movie so much. Well, that is all. 😀

  5. 1.Paranormal activity is crazy I will get scared on the real movie.
    2.But paranormal 2 will be even more crazier than the first.
    3.The Entity trailer was weird and I defiantly don’t want to watch it.
    4.My grandma watches all the saw movies and she will defiantly like it in 3D.
    5.I would only want to watch 4 of these movies because The Entity was really weird.

  6. I think people like paranormal activity more because it sounds interesting. It sounds interesting because it is true. And people will like Saw 3D because it is 3D with things coming at you and some people won’t like it because it is to scary for them. And people won’t watch paranormal activity because it is not hi tech.

  7. I think paranormal activity is a good movie to watch because it’s a scary movie that can get you scaried because of the hi tech. Saw 3D will probably have people jumping out of their seats. I think paranormal activity would be a interesting movie since I havin’t seen the movie before. Or Saw 3D. But I just think paranormal activity would be more scarier.

  8. Hi clever points.. now why didn’t i think of them? Off issue slightly, is this page template only from a normal set up or else do you use a custom pattern. I use a blog i’m aiming to perk up and well the visuals is one of the foremost things to try and do on my list.

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