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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What type of projects would interest you the most in a computer/technology group like STLP (Student Technology Leadership Program)? Give me 5 examples. (Lego Building, Robotics, Podcasting, Video Game Tech, Building Computers, Movie Tech, Video Yearbook, Website Building, etc….are some examples)


15 Responses to “Tuesday, September 28, 2010”

  1. i really like the robotics building.i like it with the Lego buildings. i also like the video game making.also a it when people would build there own websites. lastly i like it we people would make there own those are all the things i like.


  3. I like robotics also

  4. It is cool how they make them wooden Popsicle stick wheel move a block of wood.

  5. The robotics

  6. the robotics would interest me the most

  7. me too.

  8. 1 make your own blog about background designs
    2 yearbook blog
    3 slide shows for yearbooks at t.t.knight
    4 blogs for websites
    5 make my own website for t.t knight

  9. 1. Yearbook Slideshow
    2. Making my own blog for fashion
    3. Make my own virtural store and sell anything I want
    4.make my own 3D house and put people in there
    5.make a virtural world for girls


  10. i like the robotics building one i don’t know why but i would love to build a robot to do everything for u

  11. A Lego laptop that worked would be cool. Or a tv made out of dimands. A 3-D gameing system.

  12. 1.A robot that looks like me because I could have a mini robot me. And if I want to be a robot maker than I could bring it to my interview.
    2.Yearbook slide show because it would be cool to take pictures of people and put them on a slide show.
    3.A house with people that move and do things. Because it would be cool to make a house and make it move with wires and stuff like the kids on the video did.

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