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Monday, September 20th, 2010

If you had to do some RESEARCH for a brand new laptop your parents are going to buy you, what would be the FIVE determining factors for you to decide what type of laptop you get? Would it be PC or a Mac? Traditional laptop or mini netbook or tablet? Give me your argument in the form of five reasons. (It does NOT have to be one of the laptops below) (You must give me 5 sentences or GET ZERO CREDIT)


12 Responses to “Monday, September 20th, 2010”

  1. I like the notebook because it is all touch screen.And you wont have to use a keyboard.Because it would be easier to type.And you would’nt have to use a mouse pad.Easier to surf the web. 🙂 😛

  2. i would get a PC.and i would be a traditional laptop.and i think its a good choice for most people. unless you are a touch screen fan and you should get a tablet.or something like that. so thats my argument.

  3. i would hurry up and searched for the laptop because some of the keys doesn’t work so i would be happy that i would do fast because i would want another one because some of the keys don’t work so they i can type o0n mezz better again.

  4. i like lap tops
    theyy ROCKK !
    YAYY !
    I WANT A LAPTOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would get the notebook because it has a bigger hardrive.It also comes in bigger sizes. The net book comes in smaller sizes and is cheaper. I usually get the ones that are more expensive for 2 reasons. First I like to brag about me having a better computer than them in their faces. Plus every time i get a cheaper computer it breaks faster than the ones who are more expanceive.

  6. I got a laptop that is better then any laptop I’ve ever treid. SO the other ones are a piece of crap.

  7. The five determining is how good is it at sufing the wed.How does it look is it cool looking.what color is it blue green pink big is it small or fast is it when it is in use because i like fast computers.
    I would get the net because i like to play game and its good for that.

  8. i would get a Minny not book.because it is cheaper
    .and you could do just as much stuff. the other lap top .

  9. I would get a netbook because you don’t have to use a key board. And I would just use it for watching videos and surfing the web. And I don’t do any thing important on a computer. And it is smaller. But it should be less money than the notebook because it doesn’t have that much space to put stuff.

  10. I think that people should get the net book computers.Because it’s cheaper.And it has everything the notebook.It also is has more stuff.I would get it for all that

  11. i like notebook how much

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