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Monday, September 13th, 2010

Many people are very familiar with mp3/mp4 players these days. Most people are aware of what an iPod is and usually call EVERYTHING an iPod even if it is not really an iPod. Microsoft came out with an mp3/mp4 player years ago that is not as well known and have now introduced a new high-definition model. Explain to me why is the iPod so much more popular than the Zune and give me at least 5 comparisons and 5 contrasts between an Apple iPod, a Microsoft Zune, and ANY brand mp3/mp4 player. Watch the 2 videos to get your information. (Must be at least  COMPLETE sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)

Old Ipod Classic vs Old Microsoft Zune

New Ipod Nano & Ipod Touch 3G vs New Microsoft Zune HD


10 Responses to “Monday, September 13th, 2010”

  1. Its a combination.I would get that its like shuffle and the touch.My dad will have that real soon.I want it because i like any kind of MP3 player.I love to listen to music.

  2. The I-pod has been out for more years so more people know about it I’ve never herd of the zune. I-pod also have I-pod touch out to so that is anthour reason.

  3. on a mp3/mp4 player is different than the apple i-pod because on a i-pod you can do more stuff on it than on the mp3/mp4 player because u get to look at the pic’s of the raper that’s singing that song and on the mp3/mp4 player the only thing you can do is look at the music.

    now they both are the same because they both play music so that’s one reason why there the same because there kind of the same because people do the same thing to the both of them as usual because they all listen to the same type of well most of the people do but some listen to rock pop r&b rap country so doesn’t matter what you really do because there always are going to be the same because they both play music.

  4. the ipod is much popular than the zune because the ipod has made more products than that zune has. the ipod and the zune are the same by the both are popular. they can both do lots of things. and they lot so very they are diff because there models are diff. they can hold diff amount of songs. and they come in diff colors

  5. i.pods are beater because they hold more music. and it holds more videos. and a i.pod is really classic so people
    know how to use it. so more people will buy it. and there is
    a lot more stuff on it.

  6. Comparisons:
    -They both have a built in voice over.
    -They both have play lists.
    -They both can holds a lot of songs.
    -They both have awesome mixes.
    -They both are a type of technology.
    -The Zune holds up to 4,000 songs but the ipod only holds up to 2,000 songs.
    -The Zune has better sound that the ipod.
    -The ipod looks better than the Zune.
    -The Zune has more features than the ipod.
    – The ipod is older than the Zune.

  7. The zune is better.But the how is it better.Because it can have more songs.You can get on the radio.It is also better because it easier to scroll up and down.

  8. ipods are coder than zune because ipods hold more music and its better and plus zunes anit even a name and they ugly.

  9. Ipod is older and more people know about it.zune is new and in prove so it might be more sold soon.

  10. I think the ipod is more popular because I don’t think anyone has herd of the zune and the zune is smaller and ugly. And because the ipod has made more products than that zune has. I like the ipod better because it looks better and it has a built -in blue-tooth. And you can buy shows, music,movies,and audio books from the iTunes store. And if you watch movies on the zune it won’t look right because it is all skinny and ugly. and I have a ipod and it is cool it tells the weather,the day,and the time all by itself.

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