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Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Now that we KNOW it is priced affordably (starting at $499), what are the criteria (reasons) people WILL OR WILL NOT purchase the NEW Apple iPad instead of a netbook or regular laptop or a different tablet computer? EXPLAIN 5 REASONS. (You MUST WRITE 5 COMPLETE sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT).



12 Responses to “Thursday, September 9th, 2010”


  2. i think that the new i pads that they have made are awesome. and i think people will purchase these instead of the normal laptops. because it is more portable than the others and it can do any thing a laptop can and a i pod can listen to music, surf the web, and do even more with that that is my reason for people to buy this awesome thing.

  3. i want a ipad now at first i thought that it was just for old people but now i want one.

  4. I think that it is awesome.But i also think its like the I pod touch.Its practically the same thing but smaller and less things to do on it.But another thing that would be hard to use because its all touch screen. I would rather just rather have a laptop.

  5. I think that more people going to start buying ipads because who wouldn’t want a laptop that flat and is portable. My dad and aunt have one and they that its the best piece of technology ever made. Its also at a reasonable price too. I think that in the next 5 years laptops will be forgoten and everyone will have an ipad instead. I also hear that the progarm responds very well. 😀

  6. Well they will buy.But not for any reason.They’ll buy it because it’s good with maps. You can read books.And you can watch movies.And it loads fast.

  7. some people say that the big i pad is to much so they may not buy it because its to much to buy.
    another reason is some might still want there i phones and laptops so they do not have to buy that because its to much.
    this reason is that some people are just stubborn because they people that they have it but but they really don’t have it for real.
    this other reason is because think that they can just go out and spend money on it thinking that they got big money and they don’t so they just try to show off for there friends.
    the last reason is that they think that the i phone is crap and things and the i pod touch and its not so they just do things to make it seem like that the other things are not good any more.

  8. I do not think a lot of people will buy it because it cost a lot. it is to big i want some thing small not huge.And if its so big where u going to put when your not using it.

  9. One reason people might want a i-pad because it is touch screen. But laptops are easier to type on you don’t have to touch a button to bring the key board up. You most likely can’t play games like World of Warcraft on it becuse you can’t download it to the i-pad.

  10. some people will buy it and some people wont, the people
    that will buy it likes the newer stuff .so they probably would
    get it because it is a lot newer. and every body likes i.phones
    so the people that like would most
    likely get one of them. but the people that don’t like
    that stuff would probably or most likely not get
    that stuff, because the don’t know much about that stuff. because
    they don’t have the money to get the stuff
    so they can not get the i.pad even if they wonted to.

  11. 1. People might not buy one because it is way to high they should have
    at least made it 300$ instead of 500$.
    2. Some people might buy one because they have billions of money and they can buy anything that they want.
    3.They might not buy it because they might already have a mac nano
    4. Some people might not because they already have a laptop and they do not have enough money to buy one.
    5. They might not buy one because they might not think that they are so cool.

  12. People will buy the ipad because you can get good internet and you can type on it instead of poking it because on the iphone and ipod touch the screen is not big enough to type. And the battery lasts all day so at the end of the day when the battery is low and you go to bed you can charge it and it will be charged in the morning. And you can get an app that has books so you can read and it has a book store so you can buy books. And you can watch movies. Also it is at a afortable price too.

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