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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Make an argument (DESCRIBE WHY?) about 5 reasons why people should or should not switch to new technologies like the video phone for their HOUSE. Convince others. (This is not replacing your cellphone, This would be replacing your HOUSE phone.) (You must write a paragraph of AT LEAST 5 sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)


11 Responses to “Tuesday, September 7th, 2010”

  1. I think people should switch to using a video phone for their house because its safer. If you use a video phone, you will be able to see the person you are talking to so then you won’t be giving your information to someone you don’t know. You should also get a video phone because what if you are calling an old friend and can’t remember what they look like. But you can see your friends if you buy a video phone.Well that is all 4 2day. 😛

  2. Too cool i want it.If i had that i would talk to my aunt that lives in west virginia. Esspecialy in the winter. So she could show me what it looks like outside in the winter.And you wouldnt have to waste phone minutes.

  3. you should not buy one because it is a wast of money.
    all you do is talk to them. you could just talk on the phone.
    you don’t need to see them to talk to them.
    so there Riley no point to wast your money like that.


  5. i think that you shouldn’t buy that type of phone because there’s nothing wrong with the phone that we have and you know that its going to cost a lot of money and you it is so just stick with the things that you already have you don’t have to have because your friends have you just stick with what you have.

  6. i think this is a good new product that they have made. i also think this well make businesses and business call much easier. so that is my opinion on this new video. but i think also bad things like if you are taking to somebody they can see you and you could me all crazy. and like when you see them they can be an crazy person talking to those are my thought on this new product.

  7. I think the video phone is really good to have because if you have a person that lives in a different country you can talk to them and see them. It is also better because it runs off the internet so it makes it better. AND it has no cord like some house phones. So you can take it almost anywhere just bring a laptop or something with internet. Its also good for unline trades and etc.

  8. you should just get a cell phone for your house because what is the whole point of just qettinq a house phone when you have a cell phone but then aqain i would get a house phone so you wouldnt have to use the cell phone to talk to your friends on it because on the cell phone somebody might be texting or talking on it o this is why i would get a house phone.

  9. I think people should not get it. Because it’s just a waist of time why look at someone. Don’t no body want to look at no body anyway.While they talking to them .I mean it’s just like starring at someone all day to talk to them. And you might also want to see what someone’s doing but don’t nobody want you looking up in there house.

  10. I think people should get a video phone because you can see the person you are talking to. Like if someone is trying to prank call you you can see them. And you should not buy it because it is wasting money. It wastes money because you don’t need to see the person you are talking to. And there’s nothing wrong with the phone that you have you can still talk to someone and not look at them.

  11. I think u should not buy it because it would be a wast of money. You need to do is talk u don’t need to see them.Yes it would be cool to see the person your talking to but not that cool.and if some one call and you anser and its some one you don’t know they know what u look like.Your house phone is fine ok you can’t see ant but if it works its fine.

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