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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

“In California, it is AGAINST the law to drive AND talk on your phone. Describe why a device like the O.R.B. (The world’s 1st Bluetooth Headset you can wear on your finger like a ring) would help save lives and be a good alternative to talking on the phone in the car nationwide?” (You MUST write 5 sentence or YOU WILL get ZERO CREDIT)

17 Responses to “Tuesday, August 31st, 2010”

  1. i would tolltaly buy this i mean if it could save lives i would buy it besides its also a ring that looks cool. it is expensive but still its very handy and i wouldent have to take my eyes off the road i would buy it its very helpful

  2. I think that it sis much safer. Because you can have both hands on the steering weal. That way if u started getting out of control.You could cause more wrecks with one hand on your ear.This device will cause less wrecks.

  3. I that more people are going to be buying more of these orb things because who wouldn’t want to have a blue tooth that can turn into a ring. Plus if you live in a state where it is illegal to talk or text on a phone while driving. Then the orb is for you. I think that more people should start buying the orb.

    P.S- 8-o

  4. I think that it is much safer. Because you can have both hands on the steering weal. That way if u started getting out of control.You could cause more wrecks with one hand on your ear.This device will cause less wrecks.

  5. yes that would be3 a smart idea because you can pay a attention to the road. i know that my mom needs that because she sits there looking for her phone than other than paying attention to the road. so i think that would would be a good idea so i think every one should buy them. i going to tell my mom about this so she can hopefully get one so she doesn’t have to look for her phone. so when she does i will remind her that she had bought one.

  6. I think the o.r.b can save SOME life’s because u don’t take your eyes off the road but u have to take it off your ear and put it back on your finger.

  7. i think that the new orb is be a great idea for talking.
    and i think when you drive it will be safer than just talk on it then talk hands on with you phone. i also like it because you can do text and other stuff like that. so i think talking in the car will be much safer than it is. so that my message on the new orb.

  8. I think it will be better when they come out because you don’t have to hold it to talk. The bad thing is if you like to text it doesn’t text. But if you don’t text it will be really good to have when driving. It will also be good if you don’t like regular head sets for phones its small and its a ring. It also is in other sizes so there is a size that fits tow.

  9. I think the orb is okay to use wile driving. Because its not like your holding a phone.You can also pay attention while your talking on the orb.Because its not using any part of your body to hold.Plus its not like phone where you have to find it because it goes on your ear.

  10. like if u tlk on the fone u can get a blue tooth and it just goes on your ear and it will just have a button what u press 2 talk on the fone so u wouldnt have to tlk on the fone and use 1 hand 2 drive u can just tlk on the fone im done

  11. it would be good to get a blue tooth so you don’t halt to
    hold the phone . and if you was holding the phone
    you could crash . like a car hits its braces and you need to
    turn you got to use 2 hands to turn the will fast so you don’t
    hit the car in front of you. so you and the other driver don’t get
    hurt. and when you have a phone talking in the car your
    most likely your off Gard.

  12. I think the ring divice would be better because you can drive at the same time while you ain’t worring about the ring falling off, like you worry about the other divice falling off. So thats why i think the ring would be better.

  13. I think that its better than talking on the phone because you don’t have to look down at it when you answer it.With the o.r.b. you don’t need a hand to hold it up.You need both hands on the wheel at all times

  14. It would be good for talking on the phone in the car because you can talk on the phone without holding the phone. And if you don’t like bluetooths than you can wear it on your finger and talk. It would help save lives because if someone has a bluetooth when there driving they can talk without holding the phone. And if people get irritated with the bluetooth than they can use it as a ring.

  15. I think it would be safer because they could use two hands on the wheel.when there only one hand on the wheel you have more of a chance of crashing. And sell phones are big the orb blue tooth headset is a ring so its a lot easy to store.

  16. i think it would help save a lot lives.and maybe this wont be against the law.also these are very pretty, i think a lot of women are going to buy these.also it folds into a ring.sometimes when there is new items out people like to buy them so this might have a lot of buyers.i think if you sue your phone a lot like, if you call everyone you know all the time than you should have the o.r.b.

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