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Friday, August 27th, 2010

“If you compare traditional ways of reading like picking up a book, magazine or newspaper to reading on an e-reader like the Kindle 2 or the Nook (an e-reader is an electronic device that allows you to read books, magazines and newspapers on it electronically), which one would you pick and why? What would it take to make people more likely to read books, magazines and newspapers on this new technology” (You MUST write 5 complete sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)


21 Responses to “Friday, August 27th, 2010”

  1. it keep on turning off and on the volume and the books are important.
    and this is a good video
    and this video is about books
    and i like this video
    and i like books

  2. its easier to do it with a nook.
    its better.
    but if you get water on a nook then it will break.
    but if you get water on a book you can dry it off.
    books are lame

  3. i would choose the amazon kindle as my pick. because it is small so you can carry it more places then the bigger ones. and the bigger ones you cant bring everywhere. and if you go somewhere with the big one it might have a big chance of getting stolen unlike the smaller ones. so there are the one i like and the reasons for it.

  4. i would pick a magazine because it has a little bit of words.also because it has pictures .it not that boring .it has pictures of famous people.also because it has a paragraph of something a girl or boys that has done that’s emberrest .


  6. i would pick a magazine because it has a little bit of words.also because it has pictures .it not that boring .it has pictures of famous people.also because it has a paragraph of something a girl or boys that has done that’s enberrest.

  7. I think it’s great that u can put stories on tour computer.

  8. i would pick the kindle because the kindle is the 1 where u can type the name in with the keyboard and u can search the books that some friends have and u can borrow them.

  9. I would pick a Nook. The reason why is that instead of just going out to buy a newspaper or a magazine or a book separate you will have a Nook. The Nook has a newspaper,magazine, and a book with it’s self. It will make more people buy it because you can buy the three thing buy itself. Also it might cost less than the book, newspaper, and magazine all together.

  10. i would pick the electronic because it would be easier than sitting down and reading a regular book. but the news paper is alright to read it gives an idea of what there doing for all the people who wants to be a news paper writer.but some people do not like to read but if some people would now really want to read a book.

  11. if i had to chose between reading newspapers on paper and reading the newspaper on a e-reader, I would choose e-reader because I think that reading it on paper is wasting paper. If we all choose to read with a e-reader, then we will be saving the earth and all its trees. Plus, I think that reading words on paper is boring and people fall asleep.
    that is all.

    P.S- 😛

  12. To me i think using one the electronics is better because you don’t have to buy the book and it can read to you while you are doing something. Like if you where cleaning your room you can listen to it at same time. You can also read lots of different books that are lots of money like twilight. It is also easier to use so you just pick a book. It also has newspaper on it and magnizens.

  13. get the nook so you could read all the time .you could do other things on it to . and you don’t haft to buy a bunch of books. like to wast your money . and its not that big.

  14. I think the traditional way of picking a book is boring because if you looking for a book it would take you hours to find the book you looking for. the nook would have the book or maybe all the books you may want. books some times have tare pages but nook haves all the pages the nook probably reads the book to you. books will get tare by brothers or sisters and get lost but the nook wont. that’s all i have to say.

  15. I would use the nook or the kindle2.I like using technology so i would put down the books and pick up the nook or kindle2 .And i hate reading news paper because how big it is if had one of the nooks or kindle2 i would read the news paper.I would like reading magazines on the kindle2 or nook.I would read every thing on the nook or kindle2

  16. I would get the kindle.Because if the nook has a few things wrong with it why buy .Because if you buy it it might break then it would be a waste of your money.Plus if you have the kindle then you can feel when someone trying to steel it. If you have that nook then it will be easier for them to steal because it is smaller than the kindle.Plus the nook loads slower than the kindle.

  17. I would chose both.The Nook because you can use arrows to change the page instead of using the small pad because someone might keep changing to the wrong page. And I would pick the Kindle because its faster than the Nook. The Kindle only takes 1 sec and the nook takes a little longer.

  18. hey mr.steed i am sick today but cool video i would hav to pick kindle its a very good peace of technolagy. its faster than the nook see ya monday

  19. You can pick up book and magazine and newspaper to read a book to read and you can see how to read books and you can see how to read books and you can see how to read book and you can you can see how to read a magazines and you can lot of book so you can see how to see more newspaper to read books like what you can read book what you are In your room and books so you can not be bord.

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