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Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

“Ever since BLACK FRIDAY last year (the day after Thanksgiving), the biggest shopping day of the year, Sony Playstations 3’s have outsold the X-Box 360 and Wii.  If you compare the 3 video game systems, How do you think that Sony releasing the new PS3 Slim at $299 has helped them make up being in third place against the number of people that have Xbox 360’s and Wii’s?” (You MUST write 5 sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)


19 Responses to “Wednesday, August 25th, 2010”

  1. they made it cheaper than the wii and the xbox360
    you can play ps1 and ps2 and ps3.
    you can play blue rey movie and reg movies.
    and more people like it because the ps2 is so good.
    it does more things than the wii and the xbox360

  2. the playstation 3 slim can lower down to a lower price and that’s how you can get it to be caught up with the xbox and the wii and you can advertise it and get people to buy it and i like the playstation than the xbox

  3. i think its alright because there all the same because people just think different things so most likely its just people’s opinions about these things about the games. take something from it doesn’t matter what game system you buy it just depends on you like not what other people say about these games talking about that ps3 is better than wii or wii is better than game cube or x box or any thing else.

  4. i think the new ps3 slim will make a difference. i mean its got all of the features of the old one and it cost less than the first one when it came out. it will maybe make a slight increase of sales but not a huge one.
    i will think about buying one

  5. Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year. The new PS3 slim has really been selling. I think that its really dumb, because who would want to spend $299 on some video game. Anyway, I think that people should be buying something like x-box 360 or something cheaper. well that is it. You are the best teacher in the world! 😀

  6. I think it helped them cause everyone wanted to buy one cause they have better features then xbox 360. ps3s are better then xbox and wii to some people but im a xbox person im getting the 360 kinect.

  7. i think that the new things that the PlayStation did will not help them get out of 3rd place. because the wii already did that and theirs looked better. add plus the xbox 360 can beat them all the xbox can do anything the plastaion can do and a little bit of the wii. so i like the xbox 360 and i think that the playstaion will never get out of 3rd place.and thats my answer to the game stations.

  8. I think since Sony has came out more people bought it more than x box360,and Wii. Because of that is that ps3 has better things to it like graphics, wire less, blue- ray. I like ps3 better than X-Box and Wii because ps3 has better games. PlayStation 3 also has a controller like the wii also. Lastly the reason why ps3 is getting bought more because of the price which is $299.

  9. It may help if it is better the the Wii and X-box 360. I think the new PS will be better because it has better games. The only reason i think X-Box may be better is halo. The new PS will most likey come out with new games X-Box and Wii wont have. The new PS may sell way more then Wii and X-box 360.

  10. I think it’s sweet that PlayStation IS trying to make a come back over xbox360 and wii.

  11. I think it helped them because if its a new game system kids want it.And there mom or dad will some times get it for them when they ask. And it cost a lot so they would catch they faster.And wii is only 180 $and the play station is 299 $ its almost double the money.And xboxs are the same price i think so they will slowly catch up.

  12. i like the wii because you move around you can fight on it with your arms instead of pushing a a lot of times.if your playing Mario kart you can also moves your arms to drive. i like the wii more because in the xbox you just sit in the wii you stand up to can have a fight with your friend on the fun for me!.

  13. I think if they release a new play station3 for $299 they would be probably be 2nd in the competition. If black Friday comes around the new ps3 would sell more because lots of people likes to buy new types of systems. if the new games come withe ps3 would surely sell because like to buy games with the systems. ps3 sell a lot because Christmas will come around and people would start buying it. so that’s all i have to say.

  14. becaues PS3 is bet then xbox

  15. I like the Xbox because they have a lot of my favorite games. These are just some the games I like.Face breaker ,Halo3 ,Tekeken 6 , and NBA live 09.Also the Xbox has wireless controllers and you can go longer than the cord so you can lay down on your bed.And you can make you a person on your profile and make him how ever you want it to be.

  16. I think the playstaion3 sold out the x box 360, and the wii.
    because it had a couple more games than the x box.
    And the PlayStation3 can play blue-ray movies and the x box the wii cant either. some people say that the PlayStation has better graphics.
    and i think that the reason that the PlayStation3 didn’t sale at first is because it was to much money 🙂

  17. I got a playstion two what a move on it and you can what songs on it and you can play the games no it so I like to play the game all the time and I have fun no It all the time.And I will like to have a will beacuse I like to play what it all the time so I can have people to play on. playstion 1 so I can play the game at home all the game time all the time I will like to play a games no I LIKE to the playstion 3 beacuse I what to play so I can have thangs to do all the time

  18. I think if they release a new play station3 for $299 they would stay in 3rd and the wii would be first because it is cheaper.I like the wii because you move around instead of siting and pressing buttons. And the PlayStation would stay ind 3rd because the wii is cheaper than it.

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