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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

How much do you think technology has changed in the last 10 years? Better yet, HOW MUCH do you THINK technology will CHANGE BY THE TIME YOU GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL?  (You MUST write at least 5 complete sentences or you will get ZERO credit)


17 Responses to “Tuesday, August 24th, 2010”

  1. technology has changed a lot look we have laptops that can do any we want. we also have lots of other futuristic things here. and look back not even that far maybe 10 or 11 years ago. everything was all bulky and slow even low tech. so i think a lot has changed in technology.

  2. it is a lot of money and for a computer when we graduate from high school and it is a whole bunch of money !

  3. In the last 10 years technology has changed a lot. The things that had changed were like video games, t.vs, computers, and graphics. In the ten years technology has gotten much better. By the time I graduate from high school technology will be more popular and might cost more. Like the computers might be like touch screen. T.vs might be more bigger.

  4. i like this video because it was saying that the phone was the comershail phone. and i like the part that they showed me like the little cartoon people. and i liked the phone because it preety asome that the was the comershail phone and i thought that was really cool. and what i liked about the littlle people is that some of them was so good.

  5. when i graduate we are gonna have like flying chairs.
    bath rooms that fly to you when you dont wanna walk.
    cars that read your mind so it will drive for you .
    a back pack with a t.v. in it.
    mini school buses in school so you dont have to walk teachers can drive.
    have computers that float so you can walk down the street and be on the enter net at the same time.

  6. I think after i watched that video i think technology has changed 75% more in 10 years. i mean the video said that there was going to be a super computer in 2013 that was capable of more than the human brain. technology moves very the time i graduate high school there could be a way to order groceries to your house or even cars that can fly. a lot can change in a matter of 10 years.

  7. When i get out of high i think the will be lots of new technology such as new phones that may make a hallogram of the person they are talking to. TVs may become 3D so it will be like you are at movies. There might be life like video games like you are in the game. There may be a transporter in the future never know so you can get places faster.

  8. I think it will change a lot because there is a lot of new tvs coming out sell phones computers.All of that will be in proved with in ten years.I think it will in prove a lot in ten years.They will have new games new game systems i think.There will be new sell phones that are cool house phone.

  9. I think technology has changeover the last ten years because phone are now touchable. Ten years ago there were no touchable any thing. by the time I get to high school there be will probably be robots that do every thing for you. I think it will change a lot not that they will have robots but probably have like flying cars. That all i have to say to all this.

  10. Technology has change very rapidly over the past 10 years. There are more people use phones, computers,and TV’s. Just imagine all the new technology we are going to have when I graduate from high school. Maybe there will be flying cars, or maybe there will be a new way of contacting your friends. Well that is all, you rock Mr.Steed! 🙂

  11. i thank its cool that over 350 babes born in India 1 time . in the u.s 167 babes are born . and over 360,000 songs are down loaded at 1 time. in 2013 computers will have a lot more information. and over 200 babes are born in1 time at pearu .

  12. I think technology will change a lot before i graduate high school.
    Because technology is already changing very quickly.
    I think technology has change so much in the past 10 years
    the computers are faster and cell phones are better and more technology is invented all the time so know one really knows
    what to expect next.but i know there will be a lot of technology when i graduate from high school.

  13. I think the world’s technology has changed a lot sense ten years ago.For instance the T.V. have gotten better because they have T.V. with four screens like one on the top ,the other one is right next it ,there is one under that one , then there is one next to that one.The computer are also better now they load faster than before ,and they are touch screen to now.The cell phones are better now to they are also touch screen ,and they have music on them.The games are better now to.You can play portable games like Psp’s ,and Ds’s Dsi’s.

  14. The computer said that by 2013 computers will have more information then the human brain.Then they said by 2041 every1 will just use a computer for every thing the will not use there brain at all. computers got popular in the 1990s with 81 thousand people got 1. Also on the internet 4 million songs were downloaded illegally.computers got popular faster than TV.because of internet china will be the number 1 English speaking country in the world.because of the internet India’s population with the highest IQ is greater then the total population of the united states of America.India has more honor roll kids then America got kids.The number 1 ranked country in broadband internet connection is Bermuda. number 19 USA number 22 japan.

  15. I think it’ s cool that over 200 million people registered users on myspace.

  16. Technology has changed a lot because people are making new technology and a lot of people are buying it faster. Like it took 38 years for people to buy more radios. When I graduate from high school there might be books that you open and a hologram comes out and it reads to you. Or you can just put a helmet on and all the stuff you need to know is in your brain. And there might be cars that have a phone in it and you can talk to someone and drive at the same time.

  17. technology have been in the computer for 11 years. and do you no how
    many thangs people hove got no thangs like facebook, and myspace and aol, and gologe and yoube and tweter gamegames and 24game
    and reddit you will get on some of the website and we have some of and i thank that i can be a teacher so i can have fun and cook like a shef cook food and be a bus so i can see people to school and they can go to school happy.:)

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