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March 18th, 2010 Sponge

Even if you don’t play video games, you should understand how they work. You pick 1 of the 3 home consoles (PS3, Xbox360 or Wii), buy separate games and go home to play them. A new company called “onLive” will soon offer the same brand new games you play on your console and allow you to stream them online so that you can play them on any TV as long as you have a PC or a Mac and a subscription to their service. EXPLAIN what are some of the existing problems with playing games online through a “game on-demand” service and IDENTIFY 5 reasons why this “onLive” product will or will not work? (MUST USE 8 COMPLETE SENTENCES OR YOU WILL GET ZERO CREDIT)





17 Responses to “March 18th, 2010 Sponge”

  1. I would love to have that big scrine. AND THAT WOULD BE SO COOLE IF I HAND THAT IN MY BED ROOM.

  2. I don’t think it will work. Its probably asking a virus to delete your files. Nobody trust new products. At least not any more. This new product is fancy and expensive looking. It screams DEBT! Nobody wants to be in more debt. Debt is bad.

  3. The game system won’t work because the thing is to advaced for people and you could virus your other systems just by playing it.then the people will get mad and they will want there money back and the company will be destroyed by the money loss. then there will be no more game’s.

  4. idk

  5. IDK

  6. i really dk

  7. i do not see any problems

  8. well i think it well work better than others ones.


  10. I think it wont work. It wont because it may cause viruses in other systems. People may get mad and want refunds. The company will be ruined because loss of money. It may delete the memory and your files. It can become slow. It will cost more money for repairs. So no onje is going to want to buy it and I think this is why it wont work!

  11. i don’t think it will work because you could get viruses in other computers or it not work and they will need to take it back or it can get ruined. It can delete the memories on you files it can mess up your computer. Or it might not work.

  12. I do not believe that it would cause any problems. It will just be another game system release to the public…therefore giving people a larger variety of the game systems that they play on. If people are not comfortable with a company or the prices they gives them a new opportunity to become familiar with this. If they are offering all of the same available games, it will make it equal with other companies or game systems.

  13. I think it’s a good idea except for some things. Well it’s good because you can play any game on any system almost at any time. Well but I wonder what will happen to the counsels out there? The only reason they will be there is to make the games they will no longer sell them so they might lose money. Also the places like gamestop or other game places will close because people will be getting games through the internet. Although of the computer has a virus or a problem I wonder if it will affect the game? It will be kind of expensive because if you don’t get wifi you will need to get internet and subscribe to the network. Although is going to be less expensive than buying the counsel and the games. It’s also more assessable. So I agree with this.

  14. yea thats better. cause you dont have to get out your house to buy games. and it have more games then stores. and you dont waste gas on your car. and it may cost less. and if your parents cant go to the store u can by it at your house. i think thats cool. its one good deal.

  15. it takes to long to load. it can freeze or not work. it could crash your system. you cant play other games it may not have it. it could be a virus. what if you don’t know how to you cant play. the company could get sue. it will be really expensive to buy. it could break your computer. then you have to buy a new one.

  16. i dont really know about the game system but it looks cool and really tite. it looks some kind of dreamcast controler. thats what i think. i bet it is very i mean very expensive. i mean alot. i plus it hooks up to your computer which is kind of cool. i wish i had one.

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