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March 2nd, 2010 Sponge

“Ever since BLACK FRIDAY (the day after Thanksgiving), the biggest shopping day of the year, Sony Playstations 3’s have outsold the X-Box 360 and Wii.  If you compare the 3 video game systems, How do you think that Sony releasing the new PS3 Slim at $299 has helped them make up being in third place against the number of people that have Xbox 360’s and Wii’s?” (You MUST write 8 sentences or you will get ZERO CREDIT)

59 Responses to “March 2nd, 2010 Sponge”

  1. because they made something new and people always want something new.maybe people like the slim one better and are going to buy it more. they havent really sold many playstations because they are old and there are other upgraded systems out. them making a new playstation helps them sale thier playstations. this is true because people have been buying the wii and xbox 360 recently and now that there is and even newer game system they want to buy it. alot of people like the playstation and may like the new one better and may buy it more than they would the other game systems. it is helping them because they were falling behind. now that they have a new game system it will help them out alot.

  2. i think that the reason that the price of $299 has helped them because they get more people to buy the game because they would want to buy something good and get it for a good price. the other games are good and everything and get sold but there price of $299 help them sale because its a low price.

  3. the new game system their planning to make needs to be like better than the their old playstations andneeds to be fresh and new and cretive lke it could be a pkone at the same ime and cool stuff like that and the people want a new sleek playstation and not this big bulky thing by their tv i mean come on.

  4. so course people r gonna buy new things….cause of course & it has features people like and it sooo much better..i guess

  5. i think that the price $299 is helping them is because more people buy it.because people buy good things for good prices because its a fair deal. so $299 is a low price wich is good for them

  6. People want something new and that is what it is. The people asked for more and got more. People don’t want out of date stuff. They want technolgy ang games they havn’t seen or played. Nobody wants old stuff thats been out for years. Plus they like to interact with others who are playing with them on the same game. most people also like to play on or from there computer.

  7. i think its good that they are releasing the new psp slim because people get tired of the same thing. And some things, like the old psp, get played out. So people switch to things like the wii, and or xbox. And now since not that many people have a psp slim, its cool to have one. So people go out and buy them. I also think that the psp is sellin better, because it is portable. The xbox and wii are not. At least not yet….

  8. i think that the price $299 is helping them is because more people buy it.because people buy good things for good prices because its a fair deal. so $299 is a low price wich is good for them.i think its good that they are releasing the new psp slim because people get tired of the same thing.People don’t want out of date stuff. it has features people like and it sooo much is helping them because they were falling behind. now that they have a new game system it will help them out alot.

  9. in thing the xbox 360 well make more because now is only 200$ in the ps3 is like 300$ the wii is the same cost as the 360 but it dont have the many fun game as the 360 like moder war fear 2 the wii dasee not has it in on the wii you caint go online like the 360 in you cait play on line like you can on the 360in the ps3 i more money but the ps3 dose not have as many games as the 360 dose have moore game then the ps3 in new games alway come out for 360 because the ps3 is getting old now

  10. because they made something that they knew everyone would like. They might think that people respond to slim game systems because they might store easily. Playstations haven’t really been selling as much as any other game systems because they need to come up with ideas that people will respond to wii and xbox360 have done that. I think playstation need to come up with something that is mindblowing and apealing . Playstation is cool . Playstation is awsome . They just need to come up with something that no other gameing system has .But other than that Playstation is doing an ok job .

  11. because people all they do is want some thing new every tine some thing comes out like the new phone that came out and some thing you conect to your riado to hear the person like if they would be right next to them…and all so all they do is wasting there money on some thing that they dont even need like a phone x box a x box360 they just want to be all cool and have all they want and every thing that they DO NOT NEED they are just probly a spouled brit and they get there why all the time see people like that should not get what they want they should get is a good wopen…COOL?!!!

  12. b/c its new right? more peple r goin 2 buy it cuz the ps2,wii,&reg.ps3 r outdated, nd this costs less. (nd its new) oh, nd if it costs less than other game consoles, of course more peple r gunna buy it! Duh! plus peple like new stuff. like when the xbox 360 came out, people who had reg. xboxes bought them cuz they had more quality, but then the wii came out, so then the peple who had xbox 360s bought them, and so on… :-b

  13. because it newer. so people think they should have everything but they don’t.just because it new they it their live to get one. sometime they get because there friend have it. you can take to friend on so thats why.

  14. 😀 😦 🙂 :O :} :{ :] :[

  15. 😀 😦 🙂 😮 :} :{ :] :[ tee hee!

  16. I think it will be helpful because every body would like to see what it is like to have one. they also get them because they think their cool if they have one and other people don’t. I would not get one because I have an X-Box 360 that is alot a like with it. I think people get wii’s because they want to get fit. I have a wii and does sort of get you fit. It is also alot of fun. I think their going to buy the ps3 because it is at a good price. My sisters boyfriend has a ps3 and i thank it is cool but I like the x-box 360 better.

  17. I think it would help because everybody would want to try one of them and alot of people like to bragg about what they have!
    and having them is alot of fun beacause you have something to do when your bored

  18. i think itll help at there money rate and get them more money to sell more and get them more noticed. Also help there rate at seeing because they are geting some good rates on games and the ps3 has good qualitey wich helps people wanting to buy more ps3s.

  19. because then people are goin to want to buy them.they are cheap.they also will be most popular.

  20. I think it is good the being 2.99$ because more people will buy the game system and it will become more and more popular everyday makeing that company more popular than the other brands.

  21. I think it will be heplful because everybody would like to see what it is like to have one.They also get them because they think they are cool. I would not get one because i have ps3 because they outdated and cost less. i also think ps3’s are x box cost alot more money so thats why i would rather have a ps3 than an x box.

  22. i think it helped them because of all kids wanting the system so there parents go and bye it for them.since they made the ps3 slim there money probably went up puting them in third

  23. i think tht its a good idea because people like newer thing so they will buy it. also it is portable so people will want it more and alot of people are gettin it so more people will get it because like they want to have the ”cool” game system. also x-box 360 and wii are gettin old so people want some thing and different

  24. b/c its new and people want to try out new things. so yeah. people gets tired of the old games and they just want a ne wone. i would pick psp3 because it just $299 and sometimes that is alot of money but usuallay their more then that price.
    i would another reason why becuase works different and it is easier. the reason why i know becuase i tryed my brothers before.♥♥

  25. I think it would be helpful. It would be helpful because it is only 2.99$. Because it is so cheap everybody is going to want to but it. It will become a very popular game. Everybody is going to want to try them. If people start saying they are fun then more people will want to buy them. People will want to buy them not only because there popular and fun but because they are cheap too! They have not really sold ps2`s because they have new systems out! also people may want to buy it because it is easier to take some where like a friends house because it is slim!!!

  26. I think the price drop with the new slim helped because it’s cheaper than the regular and has more features. Like you can transfer data to an empty hard drive. You can back up you system without losing any data. You can play the old PSone & PS2 games in it. You can go on the internet. You can do video chat with friends. I have transfered a profile’s trophy’s to a different system.

  27. Its cheaper so people tend to buy whats cheaper.It also have better games then the wii.The x-box has about the same number of good games.But I have a ps3 and a wii and I really thinck the ps3 is better than the wii or x-box any way,but the price helps.The price change is going to help sony stay on top of demmand.

  28. I think it has really helped them because they are selling more because they are cheaper then the other items that are beening sold …..
    (<*Jay_duh Boo-

  29. i think that the ps3 sold more beacuse it was cheaper than the old one andit has better stuff than the wii and 360

  30. The lowering of the price of the Playstation 3 console has helped Sony dramastically by the selling of millions of units since Black Friday. The original price of Sony’s newest game console was preferably high. This is because of the higher quality and more features included. Many people had desired this project among release…but now that it is easier and less pricey to obtain, many more people shall be dedicated to purchasing one. Helping Sony gain the lead in the competition between the companies.

  31. i think that since the price is $299 then that helped alot. because since its a slim and its only $299 and the bigger on was more when its first came out. i also think that since the ps3 has a bigger and smaller version and the x-box and wii doesnt. then that gives sony a better advantage in many ways. aslo wehn the ps3 first came out it had better graphics than the x-box and the wii. also the x-box had a virus on it and it had to be revoked. and the wii really doesnt have good graphics as well as the x-box ot the ps3 in any way at all. and plus the ps3 is way better than the wii or the x-box 360 any day.

  32. i think that there should more psp because people that want the psp cant get them because people be comin to late to get the psp.

  33. I think that sony realesing the ps3 slim wasn’t really that good. To tell you the truth I saw this one coming. They make a fat version of every playstation version then a skinny version. The ps1 had a fat and skinny version and so did the ps2. The slim has some advantages besides the price. It can store a lot of information but how much info do we really need? I have a lot of viedo games of ps1,2, and 3(I have the fat version) and still I have not used up all the megabities the sysytem can hold. Supposely the slim can hold more info on the fat version but who really uses that many megabities? One game is only about 1 megabite. Ps3 might move up to #2 but that’s because i really don’t see really good games on the xbox360. The only thing the xbox360 is known for is for Halo. While the wii is known for many games. It has alot of kid games but those kids are telling their parents to buy them those games making wii really rich. Also wii has many characters that have gain popularatiy over time like mario, link, amd even samus from metriod prime. Also it is said that the xbox360 and the ps3 have a higher rate of crashing than the wii. Also wii’s movement technology has made the wii one of the most popualr game sysytems. So maybe ps3 might move up but i’m only expecting to #2.

  34. The lowering of the price of the Playstation 3 console has helped Sony dramastically by the selling of millions of units since Black Friday. The original price of Sony’s newest game console was preferably high. also the ps3 has free internet and way betr graficks.

  35. the price drop on the ps3 slim is good. the price befor was real high for a game system. i think the fact that ps3 slim has droped really helped sony alot.

  36. I think it good in some cases because people that want the ps3 can get it at a lower price

  37. I think was $299.00 is because alot of people are gonna buy so they raise the price were they can get alot of money off that system:)

  38. i like the ps3 slim because it is affordable.

  39. i think the resson it is 299 is. it takes a lot of work. and they haft to make sure it will work. and they haft to make mony. so they can make more. but if you dont like the price go on black friday.
    then you wont spend all your mony. but that is just my opinon.

  40. The prices of the other game will get lower because every time something esle new comes out everything esle grts lower.But I think it helped alot that the price drop on the ps because cant aford it . But lowing the prices helped alot because athousand of them have sld already and was cheaper than the older one, now problly the olds are going to be put out the stores to make room for the new one.

  41. I think since the ps3 slim is $299 dollars, more people will buy it beacause the x-box is about $340, and the wii is kinda old, and more people will buy whats new out and whats cheaper.

  42. Lots of people want new things like new systems. But i think the ps3 sold faster cause its better. like the wii if you want to play it you have to buy diffrent things. like some games need specific thins to play them. also since the price drop on ps3 it dont cost that much. Since games and systems cost so much like wii and the extra pices you have to buy. Xbox 360 can cost lots of money. people also want cheaper things. i think its helping sony alot. they be getting more money even if its cheap.

  43. its because everybody wants the new thing. everybody wants to have everything everybody else has before there all sold out and gone.there are in third place because alot of people like playing video games and they were probly wanting somthing new to play with.

  44. well i think people like stuff upgraded and new. the reason i say that is because my daddy is like that to. ever sense xbox 360, wii, and playstation has came out they been taken over old games. such as the oringnal xbox, ds, and psp. those are not really bought as fast as the ps3 and all that. the ps3 slim is taken over the orginal ps3. the xbox 360 elite is taken over the orignal xbox 306 and the arcade one. wii everybody buying that cause its fun and people like it and it is taken over the dsi.but its just that people want be upgraded on their games and it makes them look cool. my xbox 360 has the neighborhood in my house. when is something thats new and its a game it has special things added to it and everthing. thats why people buy it.

  45. because it coast less than the other video games that or being sold in the store

  46. I think that it is ok that the ps3 is $299 because theres going to be more ps3. but i think that its going to be hard to find ps3. it would be better to put the ps3 price up to $399 so people can find the ps3 fater. I think that the wii is better then the ps3. before they start selling the ps3 they got to make a lot so then there wont be fights for the ps3. i allways liked the wii more then the ps3. if they lower the price down there wont be a lot of ps3. i will the ps3

  47. ~*i think they are making up for all of thoose other things with the new slim psp because with the x-box had some problems and i think on the new slim psp they have thougth it all throught……..i think the new slim psp is better than the wii because wiis have been out for a while now and not every body wants them like they youst to when they had first can out…and the wii has had some problems with the games and every thing and i just think the new slim psp is better because it think it is better teclogey and better games and stuff*~


  49. i think that they kno alot of ppl liked the original psp, so they r gonna lik tha new one cause it is gonna do more stuff. there gona make even more money cause theres alot of teens in tha world who are video game crazy and most of them are spoiled. plus i think ppl r gonna get tired of tha same old thing. and their lik tha only ppl dats comin out wit a new whole game system. ppl can carry it around and its smaller. like tha tweens get bored more easily so yea they r gonna want sumthin new.honestly i would buy it cause im bored too. tha wii ppl are juss comin up wit accessories, and das gonna get old soon. they come up wit new stuff so pple r gonna buy, its as simple as dat.

  50. I think that the new ps3 slim has to be better than the first ps3. If xbox or wii doesn’t come with something new that can compete with sony’s new ps3 slim than its going to be tough to make sells. The three companies all have good game systems but if I had to pick between the 3 than I would choose sony. I would pick sony because the ps3 has internet, online play around the world, and some of the best games to play on it. If I had to pick a second best it would be the xbox 360. This would be my second choice because it has around the world online play.

  51. it made xbox 360 and wii drop. because a brand new ps3 come now $300 cant beat it. why go out and buy a new xbox when they came out for $300 0r more. and what and you can get a ps3 with a blue ray player. and it comes with highdeff.i would rather have the ps3 because i would not have to go out and buy a blueray player.and if has that is why i am trying to sell my xbox 360.

  52. I gess 99.99 dolers to by games or games ports or you thake it to 29.99 dolers. There would by aolote of people by them. I love xbox 360 or xbox and psp and play stashin2 and dss.

  53. I think the playstation 3 would stay at the price it is because i think it is better than the x-box because all the different things you can do. Like Internet, download demos to your desktop, plus more. So i think the playstation 3 over-does the x-box.

  54. I think they know a lot of people liked the original psp. So they are going to like the new one. Because it is going to do more stuff. There gona make even more money because theres a lot of teens in the world who likes video games. And plus i think people are going get tired of the same old psp. People can carry it around and its smaller. Honestly i would buy it because it looks nice and its not that much. And they have new and more funnier games.

  55. The price drop did it. They should drop the price more. The PS3 is by far the more powerful and better machine. It has the best blu-ray player on the market. I don’t think it has made up that much ground yet, but it is a good start.


  57. i think that the price has dropped to get more people to buy it. if it cost to much nobody can buy it. i have all three of the top selling game systems. I think the ps3 is better than both. Because the 360 can get the red eye-firing ring of doom. And the wiis graphics not that good. and the wii doesn’t have that much games. so i think the ps3 is the best

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