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March 1st, 2010 Sponge

“Do you think downloading music is better than buying it in the stores?  Do you think the Recording Industry has the right to SUE YOU for millions of dollars depending on how much music you’ve STOLEN.  Tell me why.” (You MUST write 8 sentence or YOU WILL get ZERO CREDIT)


74 Responses to “March 1st, 2010 Sponge”




  2. i think that they should only have 2 pay for the music that they have down loaded and if they dont give them a surtain amount of time to pay it and then if they dont u should put them in jail for only a little like a week or two…but i dont think they should be put in jail because of that it is not that big of a crime…

  3. i think downloading is good b/c it convient … but then again people really dont have the right to still peoples music. because thats there job and they work hard to make the music. so they disurve to have the money . because they earnd it.
    so then again its not really a good thing to download music. for these reasons listed above..

  4. i think u should buy the music because they do have the right to sue u for someting so stupid but u also have to think about the busnisses that are hurting for u not buying their music. and the jobs that r at stake.

  5. I thank that downloading misec is the beste thake becuse you do not have to by it. It is better becuase the sedy skips and downloading them. there is notheing better thane downloade it on your cell phone or on your ipad.

  6. I think people should buy music from the music store instead of downloading it from the computer because it can cause many problems with your computer, also when you do download thing is you should pay for what you did you might have to get sued for everything just for a couple of songs you should just go to the store and buy the ablum

  7. I think its better to downlowd because some of it is free and if they dont whant it stolen the shoudent put it

  8. I think downloading music is better than buying it at the store because you can make your own CD at your house by downloading

  9. i think buying music is better then downloading songs. If you bought a C.D. and it did not work you could sue the company.But if you down load a song it could delete your files or speard a virus on the tech. that you used. You would not be able to sue the company they would be the ones sueing you. If you buy a cd you can easily pin point it in stead of sarching through songs on your I-pod. Downloading a song sometimes cost more then buying a c.d. You have to have internet acess to download songs.

  10. i think dowland is beter because we saveing money n i think everybody should ne in jail bacause every body dowland every day so basically ever she get a charge ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!~+

  11. i think downloading is good b/c it convient … but then again people really dont have the right to still peoples music. because thats there job and they work hard to make the music. so they disurve to have the money . because they earnd it.
    so then again its not really a good thing to download music. for these reasons listed above..

  12. Yes I think downloding music is better than buying it in the store’s. I think this because what if you only like one of the song’s? If you buy a whole CD because of one song then you would be wasteing your money. No I don’t think the music recorder’s should have a right to sue us if we downloded music. If you don’t want your music every were then don’t put it there! It would be wrong if you tryed to sue people for thing’s they did. People may have downloded the whole cd but put it out everywere and so that was that person’s falt and not every one else’s. That’s why I think it would be right and wrong.


  14. yes is better to dowload music because if you buy it sometimes ti will break.

  15. I think downloading music is so much easier because you don’t need money!

  16. yes because you wouldn’t have to get up and go out the door and go buy some music. you would have to pay for it. your just wasting way to much money on just music.

  17. i think that downloding music is beter becuse you dont have to pay for it but you do have a lattle problems but not that moch i choos dowloding music is beder then bying it it saves your money and you wont have to worrory about eny thing at all but you and your money… COOL!!!


  19. I think people should be able to download music because you make changes to the song like making it cuss free. I do think the people do have the right to make you pay millions because it’s their song.

  20. no b/c downloading music or downloading any thing can messup your computer. viruses will start popping up, you’ll lose computer memory, all that bad stuff. i think that music companies should sua you b/c you’re acctually stealing their music!!! 😀

  21. i think its better to get it in the store because you can take it anywhere and its not illeagel.

  22. i honstely think tht downloading is better because you get it for free. and we you go to the store you have to pay for tht c.d. another why becuase downloading can not skip it. but A c.d does skip…… and downloading is more easier and you can download any song or change tht song when you dont like it anymore

  23. i think that downloading is good cause u get free music do not have to pay for be cds because thet r high price

  24. i think its better to download than buy.And yes they should be able to sue u for how many songs u stole or albums

  25. i think downloading music is better then byeing because u dont have to pay.there is a resk when you download because when poeple make music they want to sell it to get money. i think it should be legal

  26. downloading music is better. I think they do not have the right to sew because its music and some police officers download music. So whats the point.Also evryone listens to music it is just MUSIC they shouldent be woried about it. There more people doing drugs they should catch those people and look for them music isnt harmful drugs are.

  27. i think its better to download than buy.And yes they should be able to sue u for how many songs u stole or albums; )

  28. Im going with i think buing is better but im going with the man on the vidieo that one or two if you cant find it at the store.

  29. I think its better downloading on the computer it sounds better you don’t have to leave your house eathier.

  30. I think that they should only pay what they ave downloaded.
    Plus downloading music give viruses to your computer.
    but that does give the company right to sue b/c your stealing theyre music

  31. i think that its better to buy it from the store because the people wrk hard on makin that music but downloading is more convient and quicker if you download like ALOT of music then yehh i think you should pay but if like you just download a couple of song every know and again then i think its okk

  32. I think buying CD’s is better. Because the creators put time and money into making the music. Suing you gets back some of the money they used. Also buying CD’s helps the place you buy it from by giving money to the stores. In doing that yu have a CD that you cant take anywhere. You can’t get arrested for CD’s leagally purcased. I think it’s perfectly fair.

  33. i Think downLoadinq music is way beTTer ! you can qeT aLL The unreLeased music before iT hiTs The racks ! pLus you can qeT The mixed version ! you canT qeT ThaT from The oriqinaL c.d. i donT Think ThaT The record LabeL shouLd be abLe To sue you ! honesTLy i donT see iT as sTeaLinq ! if They donT wanT The music To be Leaked make sure iT doesnT hiT The media ; or The inTerneT ! They canT fauLt anyone for qeTTinq The music buT ThemseLves !

  34. downloadinng is the best.we dont want to spend our money.c.ds skip and i hate that if i wanted a scratched up cd i would scratch it my self.

  35. i think that downloading music is better than buying it and i think it aint right to sue people millions of dollars

  36. I think downloading music should not be illegal. It should not be illegal because when someone is upset they can listen to music instead of harming themselves or others. I dont see a crime in listening to something. Police officers should be worried more about someone breaking important laws than someone listening to music. As long as nobody is plagiarising there should be no problem. I think a big majority of people think that downloading music being illegal is stupid! Downloading music is better than buying because you have to drive which makes pollution and harms the earth. You also have to spend money and spend time that you could be spending on something more important like food, your home, and bills!

  37. i feel that when people download music it is 1.) Disrepectful and also its stealling because they work hard to produce music and cell there items for a living and you still it of the internet. if you lik ethere music so much why not pay for what you like then camit a crime
    (<*Jay_duh Boo-

  38. I think it is wrong because we should not do that but they should not sew for a million dollor that is wrong to so they are both right but it is beater then having to buy it but it is still wrong.

  39. I think buying it in stores is better than downloading because if you download it, it could have been stolen at a point and that means you would have re-stole it. the people that owned the website or source could get an expert to track down your computer and you will be arrested. So to me, downloading is a crime.

  40. No i think buying the actual CD is better than downloading the music because CDs to me are alot better. Yes they get scratched up but they don’t die I.E. Ipods, and computers. CDs will not loose power they will always work if they are taken care of.

  41. I think that people sould buy the muic not because it’s stealing from artist. It’s much easier to get the cd. Imagine if you downloaded it it’s on your computer. What if the computer crashes and you didn’t back up the song it’s lost. Also pirates like to sell the music they download really cheap. If a pirate buys a set of songs for 5$ and he sells it for 1$ all he needs is to sell it to 6 people to get profit. Also that money earned by the pirate doesn’t go to the artist. Although you have to remember those people make more that 1 milion $ a year they really don’t need it. If it got to the point that the artisit isn’t getting any money at all I think action needs to be taken

  42. The downloading of music from the internet or other sites may very well be conveniant, but at the same time…there are many specific reasons of why it should be and is illegal. When an artist(s) creates a song or project, they automatically have the copy rights to this creation. When one is to download the song free of charge without the official consent, it is giving you the music while the artist(s) recieve no payment or credit. While the sueing of millions of dollars for a simple 3-5 minute song may seem farfetched, it is actually a balanced punishment if you think of it in the following way. If everyone in the world who knew about the artist downloaded their music free or illegaly, that would leave the artist bankrupt and force them down the renown chain of society.

  43. I think it is better to buy music because you will not get in trouble. Also that if you buy it you dont have to download music and you will not get sew. Yes they do have a right to sew you for million dallors because you downloaded there music. Plus that you can got to the store and buy it and you will not get in trouble or sew. Sew people is wrong but you dont have to download their music and you can get thier music and keep it when you buy it.

  44. yes i think downloading music is better than buying it. because say you buy a cd with the music you like and then lose it then it was a waste of money. but if you download it on your computer then you dont have to worry about losing it. no i dont think that recording industry should be able to sue. because if they dont want us to download music then they need to put a block on it. also because if we do download music they shouldnnt complain because its not like its there time to download it, its ours. i also think that its better to download than to buy because if you want just a certain song then instead of buying the whole cd you can just download the song.

  45. Which is better downloading or buying in stores. I think its downloading because u can still listen to it but dont have to pay. You Can Save money to put on ya Swag. And u can put it on your ipod or mp3. Beacause most of the time you a cd and dont listen to it. And it just sitting there. So its a wate of money. So just download it

    Sincerly, Dondre Busby AKA Mr.Swagger Kidd

  46. buying from the store because the right thing to do. because my mom told me to all ways do he right thing but i really dont care because i dont do anything wit the computer so it really want matter to me. but going to the store would cost so i would tell some one to do it for me.

  47. I think that buying the cd’s are better, due to the fact that if you buy the cd, you can actually say that you own the album, and you also won’t have to worry about being sued in the first place for downloading cd’s when you could have spent a few more dollars than you paid for the blank cd’s, to get the actual cd. Basically it’s just a matter of common sense, and if you get busted for illegal downloading, sooner or later, you’ll have wished you would have just bought the actual cd.

  48. yes I think downloading music is better than buying it in the stores. because if i didn’t I would have to go all the way to the store

  49. yes because you can get it faster than u can buying it in stores

  50. I think that downloading music is better because if the stores dont have the cd you want you would have to go to all the stores to find it. 🙂

  51. yes cause u can get them off the internet faster than gonig to the store

  52. i think that downloading is better than buying it in stores because you dont have to spend money and because buying the music on i tunes cost 99. for 1 song instead of getting it for free

  53. I dont think that the music industry should sue u. Just because u r downloding music thats not fair. I sometimes download music. There still gettin money so there is no reason people should get sued

  54. If you donwload music from your computer it can get a virus and it can cause you computer to crash but if u go out to the store and buy the music, it wont be ilegal and you wont get a virus on your computer.

  55. i think that you shouldent get sued because some people dont have cars to go get a cd

  56. neva mind

  57. i think that it is better to buy music in the stores. that way wateva yu buy belongs to yu. if yu do buy the cd yu can be sure that it belongs to yu, that way, yu won’t get sued.yes they do have the right to sue yu cause its their songs and they own the only reason those cheapwads download the music is cause they r free. i think dat they could care less if it is illegal cause its free. so yea they do have da right to. yu kno wat they say, wat goes around comes around. but on the otha hand, the artists r juss tryna make a lil extra money. i guess their part in tha case is juss as wrong as tha person who downloads. but, i could care less cause i don’t download, i buy cds, i mean cum on its juss a lil extra money (i ain’t cheap)

  58. no because it dont sound as good and sometimes they mess up it dont cost but I would not wonna hear the crappy version i would want to hear the good version and yes if they stolen alot of stuff:)

  59. i think downloading music is better because, you dont have to wast money. you can download it for free. but i dont have a computer i use my friends. and they all have ipods and why buy a cd when you can download it on your ipod. we all use ipods because we dont have to buy every cd with the songs we want. we can just download it on our ipods and have every song we want. so i am just going to keep downloading songs on my ipod. so that is what i think.


  61. no they have to sell it to pay the artist. stores will go out of buisness. it may take longer to go to the store. or they may not have your song. ifyou download the song you colud be sued.

  62. If you donwload music from your computer it can get a virus and it can cause you computer to crash but if u go out to the store and buy the music, it wont be ilegal and you wont get a virus on your computer, but i think you shouldnt be sued just for downloading music to your computer, and i think everyone should buy the music online on itunes for 99 cents instead of being sued for downloading music.

  63. i think you should buy it. beause if you get caught you haft to pay a lot of mony.
    and if your hard drive craches you will lose all of your songs. so you should just buy your songs.

  64. i think you should just buy the cds.Some people don’t know whats legal and whats not shouldn’t download like a thousand should make sure that your parents know.
    don’t share them with people.

  65. yes donwloading is better than paying for it. But you could get in troble. If you donwload it its faster than going to the store. But its illegal to do it if your paying for it your fine but if you are not your breaking the law. Things like itunes is bad to donwload it. It hurts the artist because they burn it on cd’s. yes you could get in trouble whit the law and get sue. so should not do it. OR if you want to open or go to sites like lime wire do it. But you could get sue for a million dollars.

  66. I think downloading is better. No i don’t think they should be suing the people making them pay millions of dollars. I would understand maybe hundreds of dollars but not millions. Even if the people did do wrong why millions. I think that is stupid. If they are so worried about it shut limewire down. Some little kids don’t even know it is wrong. I think they should stop worrying about it.

  67. i think downloading is better and no its not right if they sue you for millions of dollars i think its ok if they sue you for like at least less than that because its like charging you for every song that you got

  68. i thing dowloading music is wromg because artis work really hard make the music they wont people to buy it not for free because if the artin make a new album it take them alot of money to do that but some time yea is writ because the people made the wep sait to dowlod free music let enybody have it for free but the pollic could block the wep sait but they dont do nothing abouted so that y the people dowloa music alot because no body dose anything to bockl the wep sait

  69. i think its better to by it in stores because wants the point of doing on a ipod in you have to download the songs on to the the ipod. Plus it take you forever just to put songs on the ipod. so i would just go to the stores in buy the CD that have the songs on it that i like.

  70. i think that downloading music is smart to do these days. because of the econemy no one wants to go out and pay. around 12.99 for a cd they mite only listen to about 3 songs on. that is just stupid when you can go on limewire and get those 3 songs for free. and i dont think that they should be able to sue us for downloading their music. if they are going to sue people then they should not even sale the music at all. because people will mostlikely still get away with it. and by sueing people for millons of dollers will just make the econemy even worse.

  71. ~*i think they are making up for all of thoose other things with the new slim psp because with the x-box had some problems and i think on the new slim psp they have thougth it all throught……..i think the new slim psp is better than the wii because wiis have been out for a while now and not every body wants them like they youst to when they had first can out…and the wii has had some problems with the games and every thing and i just think the new slim psp is better because it think it is better teclogey and better games and stuff*~

  72. I think dowloading music is wrong cus, people work hard to make the music. You wouldn’t want people to steal. If the person that made the music make a new albums. It take them alot of money and time to do that. But sometimes yea is right. Because when people make the websites to downlode free music. It let anybody have it for free. But the public could block the websites.

  73. Downloading is illegal. I have downloaded music before. I am guilty. However, I also have a CD collection of over 5,000 CD’s. That doesn’t include the cassette tapes and records that I bought once upon a time. I understand both sides. I’m also sick and tired of artist making terrible CD’s with only 1 or 2 good songs on them. Why pay $10 for a CD that is terrible?


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