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February 25, 2010 Sponge

How do you think technology has changed in the last 10 years? (At least a full paragraph in complete sentences)


17 Responses to “February 25, 2010 Sponge”

  1. I know how much technology has changed. We use to have only three new game systems. The biggest T.V. was 32 inches. We had VHS. There were no slide or flip phones. There was no broadband. There was no HD or Blu Ray. There were no digital cameras.

  2. technology has change because the black bery look really diferent before now it look alot beder in computer before were really little not as bidges as they are today the t.v were really little now there really big that they did not have ps3 they had only a nitendo 64

  3. i will make a cell phone were it a compse put in it just cause u get loosed u kno were u going !!!!

  4. I would make a cell phone that if your haet or something els that they send someone relly clike.

  5. information is traveled faster. people can transfer idea faster and dont have to wait for a responce long. more relation ships are started over the web. production is faster than before, like a thousand times can look at in formation faster than looking it up in a book. You can socialize over the web. You can listen to your favorite music on a mp3, laptop, cellphone, etc. You can keep along distance reltionship.

  6. i think technoligy has changed b/c its more detialed and graphic
    it has gotten smaller and more durable.. and portible
    technoligy is way more helpfull now also..

  7. Technology has changed over the years by having new phone’s,t.v.’s,computer’s, ect. But in my time that i’v been alive it has advaced so much that I don’t even know what’s new any more.

  8. technoligy has change because people used to have huge cell phones and now instead of a huge thing we have thin cellphones to go anywhere

  9. it has phone have envoled into a cell can now watch tv on your we have lap tops. at first you could not take a computer with u.

  10. The phone has changed in the last 10 years like the iphone was not around 10 years ago. Music systems have changed in the last 10 years by the ipod. It was not here 10 years ago.

  11. i would make my phone have touch screen slide sidewards and would have enternet mp3 all games unlimited space for would have any movies u want and music videos

  12. lots of stuff change in the last 10 years like the computers, phones, mp3s, ipods, and lots more

  13. The computers have change by having the box computers and now having flat screen computers. The cell phone have change freom just having flip phones. Now we have toch screen phone. The t.v. have change by having box t.v. Now we have flat screen t.v.

  14. i know TechnoLoqy has reaLLy chanqed. There was onLy a few viedo qames . The TeLevision seTs weren’T ThaT biq. buT now Look whaT we have we have 52 inch Televisions ! back in The day There was onLy vhs; now Theres dvd , hd, and bLue ray . we have come a very far way ! Then ceLL phones were noThinq buT over sized home TeLephones !. There was no broadband. There wasn’T even diqiTaL cameras . proqress was made and chanqe has come .

  15. technology changed in the past 10 years because u haveb touch screens have ipods and they made way more different things for computer like websites different things u can use fot the computer we have flat screens and more

  16. i think technology hyas changed a lot. Back in the day there wasn’t any televesions so you could watch televesion. So, many kids were smart. Insted of running on a tread-meal you had to go outside and run, if you wanted to loose weight. They had old ugly-looking cameras to make movies. But now we have new prettier ones like the touch screen ones. I don’t even think the had cell phones, maybe not even house phones. But if they did have cell phones they were the size of our house phone now, maybe even to times bigger. As to now we have little cell phones. And they have ones that may even flip up. They didnt have internet, i know it qwas hard for them to get good imformation.

  17. Technology has changed alot in the last 10 years. I’m old enough to remember what it was like 10 years ago. However, we are just talking about the year 2000. Most of these kids are talking about stuff like it was 25 years ago. Cell phones were bigger, more expensive and didn’t do as much as they do now. DVD’s were king and they were just starting the talk about High Definition. There was internet and it was easy to get information but it was slower. My ipod was huge (which I still have) and there were flat screen TV’s but you had to pay a small fortune for them.

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